About James



I am a highly specialized Google Web Toolkit engineer (code generators, dependency injection, writing a cross-platform framework), with a secondary major in java server technologies. My speciality on the backend is high-throughput work on appengine, but I am also very comfortable with vert.x, apache, jetty and custom development servers.

For fun, I hack on the collIDE project, which is an online web IDE which integrates pieces of google wave to give real time code editing in the cloud. It currently runs on vert.x, but I am working to give it an appengine port to take advantage of BigTable indexing to manage autocomplete queries from the browser.

Using gwt, playn and vert.x combined, I am writing a unified code base where every service on the backend is mirrored on the client with an http proxy to queue up commands to send to the real service in the cloud. These services are injected based on my own lightweight, in house cross platform injection library, thus eliminating the overhead of DTOs, manually managed RPC, and mirroring services by hand between front and back end.

The client code is exportable to web, pure java, android, ios and flash, and the server can live anywhere, treating every client platform equally, as they are all derived from a single codebase.

I am writing a “write once, run everywhere” framework to put html5 + mobile + cloud in one uber-jar.

If this interests you, please feel free to send me a message!