The Internet Party

The Internet Party is the largest project of We The Internet, and
it is designed to lead the way toward a direct-democratic,
crowd-sourced government.
It is designed to be an online forum for voters to
discuss upcoming laws, create and sign petitions, and
to bootstrap realtime direct democracy by allowing users
to vote for each other directly.
It is intended to interop with existing political parties,
without forcing any political paradigm on a given constituency.
members of the party do not have to agree; in fact, we expect
members will not agree. However, in order to gain representation
in the current system, a partisan party is required, and that
is what The Internet Party’s ultimate aim is: To integrate
direct democracy within our representative system, without the
need for any kind of violent revolution. It is, instead, an
evolution of the current paradigm.
The app itself will be a forum and a set of tools for drafting laws,
voting on them, and above all, to disagree as effectively as possible.
We all want different things, so why pretend like there is one right
solution to our problems? Instead, we seek to create an atmosphere
where people can disagree civilly, and debate with each other to help
reach a consensus on any given matter.
The Internet Party is both conservative and liberal, to the degree
that its constituents are conservative or liberal. The only central
leaders in charge of The Internet Party will be logic, reason and common
sense. Representatives of the party will be required to vote however their
constituents tell them to vote, or else they will be immediately banned and
replaced with a public servant who will actually represent the will of
We The People.