XAPI: Cross-Platform Java Framework

Extremely Extensible Cross Platform API
The XApi framework is the underlying framework
used in all We The Internet projects. It is
written in the java programming language, and is
designed to target many different runtime platforms,
including all major operating systems, (Linux, Mac &
Windows), all major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox,
Safari & Internet Explorer), Android, iOS, Actionscript,
and a number of java servers (JBoss, Appengine & Vert.x).
The client side code is transpiled from java, meaning
we take java source code and transform it into the
required language, using GWT (Google Web Toolkit)
and J2ObjC (Java to Objective C).
This framework is Extremely Extensible because it
allows developers to create a java annotation for
any particular runtime that will allow injecting
platform-specific overrides for said platform. This
allows all code in the entire framework to be accessible
to all client, servers and runtimes, without leaking any
platform-specific code into a runtime that cannot support
that code.
The source code is publically available below at
“[We The Internet’s Github] (http://github.com/WeTheInternet/xapi)”.